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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  October 19, 2012 2:40am-4:00am PDT

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,000? that could happen to erin and glenn, as well. i'll wish all three of you good luck. direct your attention to the board. we'll put the dollar figures into the screens. and then, as we always do, we reveal the categories, starting off with... followed by... hey... as a matter of fact, each respons will con. we'll deal with... and finally, things that are... alex: meredith. it's always "i," "i," "i" for $200, please. erin. what is a bikini? correct. can i get escapist literature for $200, please? glenn. s alcatraz? that's it.
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can i have escapist literature for $400, please? glenn. who is houdini? yes. can i have $600 in escapist, please? glenn. what is polygamy? that's it. could i have escapist literature $800, please? glenn again. what is turkey? turkey. correct. could i finish that out for $1,000, please? erin. what is "stalag 17"? no. glenn or meredith? glenn. what is "the great escape"? yes, that's the film. could i have tv network names for $200, please?
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glenn. what is fox? fox is right. network names for $400, please. [ beep ] that nickname is showtime. that's a tv network. glenn. tv network names for $600, please. erin. what is to spike? yes. can i get worn underneath for $200, please? glenn. what are garters? garter belts, yes. can i have worn underneath for $400, please? erin. what is jockey? correct. can i get worn underneath for $600? [ beep ] it's called a teddy.
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[ erin laughs ] erin, back to you. can i get it's always "i," "i," "i" for $400? glenn. what is addition and multiplication? no. erin. what is division and -- sorry, too much time. meredith's not gonna try to ring in on this. "whadivision and multiplication?" addition only has two. back to you, erin. let's try celebrity cookbooks for $200. n. who is miss piggy. miss piggy, yes! she's a good cooker. could i have cookbooks for -- oh, hang on just a sec. we've got to take our first break. so, we'll pause. we'lglenrn. [ applause ]
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erin mccready is founder and artistic director
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of the brooklyn youth company, which does what? we're a theater-making compafo. we write our own original plays, we act in them, and the kids direct them, design them. we do it all. good. that's great. glenn fleishman is from seattle, washington. he is a journalist. and apple -- i just finished reading the book on the biography of steven jobs, and apple sent you one of the first ipods, i believe, before it was released to the public, right? yeah, it was about a month before it had come out, so i could take a look at it. and the fiing i did with it, of course, was put it in a headphone jack, a set of headphones, and broke it. [ laughs ] so you didn't get a chance to review it as it was? they were very kind. they sent me another one on loan, so i could actually take a look at it, but it was a little embarrassing. oh, i'm sure it was. meredith lowmaster from quincy, massachusetts. tell me about your pet lizard. my pet lizard's name -- is it a gecko? no, it is not a gecko. it's a green anole. he's about four inches long. he's very cute. and his name iden. why dresden? it's actually a really lame pun.
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i named it after the main character of a book series named harry dresden, and s dres wizard. okay. glenn, you are in command of the board. make a selection, please, as we continue. let's take tropic of capricorn for $200, please. top of the category. glenn. what is australia? that's the country. could i have capricorn for $400, please? erin. what is brazil? yes. can i get worn underneath for $800, alex? meredith. what is a singlet? singlet. yes. worn underneath for $1,000, please. [ beep ] and obviously, i'm the only one old enough
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to remember young ladies wearing crinolines. crinolines. meredith, back to you. glenn. tia? yes. "i," "i," "i" for $800, please. erin. what is a mai tai? no. glenn or meredith? [ beep ] what is a daiquiri? glenn. "i," "i," "i" for $1,000, please. meredith. what is iridium? you got it. network names, $800, please. glenn. what is discovery? yes. tv network names for $1,000, please. erin. at is bravo? bravo. back on the plus side for you. great. can i get cookbooks for $400, please?
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meredith. who is george foreman? right. he's the heavyweight. cookbooks, $600, please. erin. what's a shrimp? [ laughter ] can i get cookbooks for $800? erin. who is trisha yearwood? yes. can i get cookbooks for $1,000? erin. who is gwyneth paltrow? yes. can i get tropic of capricorn for $600, please? meredith. what is madagascar? right. tropic of capricorn, $800, please.
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erin. what's the atacama? you are right. and you get the last clue, and it is... the daily double. well, you've spent a lot of time in the red. but you are now certainly within reach of the lead. you trail glenn by $1,200 only. can i make it for $800, please? $800. all right. here is the clue for you. sarah, please. the tropic of capricorn separates two climatic zones -- the tropical one and this zone that extends south to the antarctic circle. what is the arctic zone? no, it's called therate -- temperate zone. so you did well to risk just $800. you're tied with meredith now in second place. glenn in the lead. and we're gonna take our second break to pause for these messages. [ applause ]
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you're picking first again in this round. pay attention -- close attention to this first category.
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it looks a lot like the first one in the first round. this is not the tropic, but... then we will... we'll deal with... and... alex: meredith. what kind of movie animal are you for $400, please. erin. what is a penguin? right. get movie animal for $800? erin. what is a dolphin? correct again. can i movie animal for $1,200. erin. what is a chimpanzee? right. movie animal for $1,600. glenn. what are rats? yes. can i have animals for $2,000, please? meredith. what is a parrot? yes. cliches, $400, please.
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erin. what is a wagon? correct. cliches for $800. erin. what is the rubicon? the rubicon. you got it. cliches for $1,200. meredith. what is a jaybird? yep. cliches for $1,600, please. erin. what is the back burner? yes. cliches for $2,000, please. meredith. who is macduff? macduff. good for $2,000. quoth the poet for $400, please. glenn. who is longfellow? yes, he's the poet. poet for $800, please.
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erin. who is eliot? t.s. eliot, correct. can i have early american construction for $400? meredith. what is brick? brick. good. quoth the poet, $1please. meredith. who is lewis carroll? no. glenn or,200, glenn. who is lear? lear -- edward lear. yes. can i have quoth the poet for $1,600, please? [ beep ] from "le morte d'arthur" by tennyson. glenn. poet for $2,000, please. [ beep ]
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that would be america's poet, walt whitman. glenn, back to you. how about early american construction for $800, please? erin. what is puerto rico? yes. can i get construction for $1,200, please? [ beep ] and the state is ohio. erin. can i get the nobel peace prize wars for $400, please? who is marshall? george c. marshall is correct. may i have nobel peace prize for $800, please? [ beep ]
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hard to believe, but adolf hitler was nominated for the peace prize. glenn. nobel peace prize for $1,200, please. glenn. who is kaynes? maynard kaynes, yes. nobel peace prize for $1,600, please. erin. who is jane addams? yes. can i get peace prize for $2,000? [ beep ] gave a great speech called "atoms for peace." back to you, erin. i will take the topic of capricorns for $400. glenn. who is james? no.
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erin. who is miller? henry miller, yes. i'll take capricorns for $800. answer -- the daily double. and you're in the lead. i will bet $1,000, alex. all right, here's the clue. who is martin luthg? yes. [ applause ] $12,600, your new total. i'll take capricorns for $1,200, please. meredith. who is jane goodall? no. erin. who is fossey? dian fossey. jane goodall was with the chimps. and we have less than a minute to deal with the last four clues. $1,600pricorns, please.
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glenn. who is florence nightingale? no. erin. who is clara barton? clara barton, yes. i'll take $2,000 in capricorns, please. [ beep ] and that guide was kit carson. two clues left, erin. $1,600 for construction. well, that happens to be the other daily double. and you have an even bigger lead now. [ applause ] whoo. i will take $2,000, please. all right, here's the clue. ugh. what is ringology? no. "what is dendrology?" [ beep beep beep ] now the $2,000 -- oh, the $2,000 clue will remain hidden, and it is no longer a runaway for erin.
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we're dealing with place names. here is the clue for the three of you. 30 seconds. good luck.
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alex: meredith, we'll start with you. this was a bit tough, but it would help if you paid attention to those. let's see what you came up with. you thought, "who is oppenheimer?" sorry. that's incorrect. so it'll cost you... $4,000, leaving you with $2,000. over to glenn now. he had $7,600. and did he come up with the correct name? wharl marx? yes, it was called karl-marx-stadt in east germany. and you will add... almost everything. you will double nearly to $15,199. and now we come to erin, who was leading. did she come up with karl marx? no, she came up with wagner instead. where will she finish? in second place. she lost $1,801. but congratulations, glenn fleishman. you're the new champion. $15,199 to you.
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first time in over a week we've had a man as a champion. wee you tomorrow when he defends. [ applause ] promotional consideration provided by... -- captions by vitac --
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in a terrible tragedy during the last commercial, a crazed gorilla entered the studio, i'm sorry to report that. [ laughter ] oh, she's okay! she escaped his clutches! e. [ laughter ] wheel... of... fortune! ladies and gentlemen, pat sajak and vanna white. see, you were wearing a yellow dress. the joke was you were wearing a yellow -- oh, hi! thanks. [ chuckles ] [ cheers and applause ] oh, weren't we funny then? what ever happened to us? see you later. nice of you to show up. there they are, grabbing frantically for those devices, getting ready for our first "toss up." it's worth $1,000. the category is "proper name," and here we go.
3:10 am
[ bell chimes ] and it's rick! carolina panthers. that's it. yeah. a little football reference. rick smith. that's me. trenton, new jersey. yes, sir. capital city. $1,000. a guidance counselor where? at the newgrange school. work with students on the autistic spectrum. i solve problems. well, good for you. and you do some coaching, too? i do a lot of coaching, actually. soccer and winter and spring track. go, cards. big yankee fan. i'm a bleacher creature, is what they call us. so you're out there every game? sundays. that's about 20 a year. well, that's pretty good. yeah. well, it's good to have you here, rick, and wish you a lot of luck on our show. thank you. thank you. you, too, genea. genea thomas is from the bronx, which i believe is in new york, last time i chec yes, it definitely is. what do you do there? i am a youth-services program coordinator at a nonprofit organization on long island, and i love working with youth, and i'm alked. to be a personal fitness trainer. wow. you got a lot going on. and you're learning to play the guitar, it says. yes, i am. you ought to go play "wheel of fortune" sometime.
3:11 am
i hear it's really fun. i've heard, i love that show. yeah, win a lot of money when you're there, okay? nice to have you with us. roxana carroll, the third member of our little group here, from everett, washington. talk about your family a bit. well, i'm married to my patient, loving husband, james, of five years, and i am a stay-at-home mom to the most vivacious toddler in the world, liam. i like your choice of adjectives. that's very nice. ma training? have you ever done this before? no. never. you just keep working up to -- i do about a marathon a month with each workout that i do, so this is gonna be the first full 26 rathon [ laughs ] well good luck. don't start yet. we have some game to play. great. get ready. we'll do another "toss up." this one is worth $2,000, and the category is "thing." [ bell chimes ] roxana. second helping. yeah, that's it. [ chuckles ] [ cheers and applause ]
3:12 am
you know, everybody's different, and some people are very, kind of, quiet about it. could just barely contain yourself. that just wanted to come exploding out of you. [ laughs ] anyway, you've got $2,000. you'll be spinning in a moment. here's jim. all right, pat. tonight's "jackpot" round is brought to you by eggland's best eggs. hungry for the best? with more vitamins, omega-3s, and that farm-fresh taste your family loves, better taste, better nutrition, better eggs. and here's tonight's featured prize. delight in the charm and grace of henderson park inn in sunny florida. this premier beachside bed-and-breakfast boasts white-sand beaches, victorian-inspired furnishings, and private terraces overlooking the gulf coast. there you go. see, it's southern hospitality week here. that's a great trip. "phrase" is the category for this round, and, roxana, you won the right to start. let's go.
3:13 am
can you get one more? okay! ooh! t! that's a pretty good way to start. you get to pick up the $1 million wedge first thing. there you go. the whole thing. turn it over. see that? there you go. right here. you can't spend any of that, so you need to spin the wheel. okay. h. three h's. i'd like to buy a vowel, please. e. there are some e's. vanna will get those up for you. i'd like to buy her vowel. an a. there is no a, i'm sorry to report. rick. [ horn honks ] s, please. yes, three s's. pick up that half car. it's a chevy sonic for this week. can i buy an i, please?
3:14 am
yeah, one i. . can i buy an i, please? d. one d. sit down, sit down, sit down. it's gonna be close. oh! stop! ooh! g, please. yes, there's a g. ooh. you know what? i'm just gonna solve, pat. shed some light on the subject. yeah. nice job. [ cheers and applause ] only 'cause you -- blow it up! blow it! wait -- we're doing that? we'll shake, too. so... the bleachers. let me understand. so i do this, and then we blow it up? that's right. [ laughter ] boom. wow. that was pretty darn exciting. [ laughs ] what do you got? $4,550. oh, you got half a car! all right, baby. and we got two rounds, and -- don't call me "baby." there you go. [ chuckles ] [ laughter ] congratulations on that. we'll take a break and be right back. let's blow it up n. [ cheers and applause ]
3:15 am
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announcer: spin the wheel along with pat sajak and vanna white on the virtual hd version of america's game. now's your chance to win big money on "wheel of fortune." rated "everyone." announcer: grab a box of steak-umms. add eggs for breakfast or a wrap for lunch. try a cheesesteak on a roll. your taste, your steak-umm. the all-american burger buster. steak-umm sliced steaks. tothe talk of the town with cas. [ cheers and applause ] well, i guess the only downer t first round is we couldn't get that $1 million wedge to move on. that's gone for the night. but someone's happy -- that's rick, who won that last round. we'll start this one. "before & after" is the category, and he's spinning right now. rick: here we go. he also has half a car -- would like to get that other half. it's out there. and he's gonna be close to it. s. there's no s. genea.
3:18 am
well, don't let that discourage you. it's very early. okay, roxana. okay. big money. t. two t's. you have $1,100. i'll buy a vowel. an e. there's one e. i don't know. oh. oh! i know, i know. rick. here we go. it's gonna be close again. [ horn honks ] h. pick it up. two h's and $1,000. he has both halves. to hold on to them now and end up solving the puzzle later. what do you want to do? can i buy an i, please? yes, one i. whew. p. there's no p.
3:19 am
all right, genea. k. yeah, there is a k. i'd likey a vowel. an a. one a. i'd like to buy another vowel. an o. there is no o. roxana, it's your turn. all right. [ horn honks ] an m! one m. now you c k up. an m! there you go. all right. you have half. you know, pat. i'm gonna solve it. sure. an picith urban myth! yeah! that's it! [ cheers and applause ] congratulations! thank you! so, let me tell you where we are here. no, you can't trade half cars, rick. he's got a dealership going here. [ laughter ] you won $500. u have the half car -- the half chevy sonic. rick did not solve that puzzle, so half no longer belongs to you.
3:20 am
the other half still does, so you each have a half going into the third round and a chance to pick up the other half. i explained that beautifully, don't you think? i have no idea what i just said. we'll be back to play some more "wheel" with a bunch of has floating around here right after this. vroom, vroom, vroom. vanna: can you solve this puzzle from 1997? the category is "thing." we'll give you the answer when we come right after this. get rewarded for your love of movies, music, games, and even vip experiences. join sony rewards. rewarding you for what you already love to do. learn more at here's the correct puzzle solution. did you solve it?
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3:22 am
i neglected to mention that roxana, who had $500 -- we make it $1,000 because that's our house minimum --
3:23 am
so she's up to $3,000, and we're up to our next round, which is "food & drink," and genea is going to start us. [ bell chimes ] it's a prize puzzle. good work. hope that works out for you. come on. r. there are three r's. $2,100. s. there's no s. roxana, one of two players holding half a car, is gonna spin. well, that's not gonna help much at all, but we'll leave the car there. rick. rick: come on! t. yeah, three t's. $1,500. i'd like to buy an e, please. four e's. ooh, baby!
3:24 am
"lose a turn" got you, too. genea. h. yeah, two h's. i'd libuy a vowel. an i. three i's. i'd like to buy another vowel. an a. and there are three a's. good for you. all right. good time to find a letter or two. m. one m. $3,500 for that. you're up to $6,100. p. four p's. ooh! [ applause ] i'd like to buy a vowel. a u. very good. one u.
3:25 am
and it's very good because all the vowels are gone now. get out of there. y. yes, one y. we're getting there. stop that wheel! oh! oh, man, genea. you were on such a roll. i'm sorry. roxana, it's your turn. i'd like to solve the puzzle, please. okay. hamburger patty with grilled pineapple! yeah, that's it. [ applause ] hi! congratulations. [ applai'm sorry. you dropped your half car. i'm standing on half a car. i'm just gonna give it to rick. so, no one gets the car. there's no consolidating here. you have no money. i don't care. [ laughs ] i'm going to hawaii. where you going? hawaii. why do you think you're going to hawaii? it says pineapple! [ laughs ] well, it could be. we could be sending you down to norms for a sandwich. that's okay. no, going to hawaii! [ screams ]
3:26 am
[ cheers and applause ] oh, god. roxana, you're off to the land of grass skirts and ukuleles. discover the spirit of aloha at hyatt regency waikiki beach resort and spa. enjoy luxury accommodations, sophisticated cuisine, a world-renowned spa, and breathtaking views of the pacific ocean. visit [ cheers and applause ] you doing all right? i'm good. okay. [ chuckling ] $9,530. it didn't work, whatever it was. we'll take a break, come back, and we'll give away some more and make more people happy here. i love this. oh, my gosh. [ cheers and applause ] closed captioning is brought to you by the following... so, what do you think? basic. [ chuckles ] at meineke, i have options,
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like oil changes starting at $19.95.
3:28 am
stay tuned. your spin i.d. could be worth $5,000! we're ready for our third "toss up." i hope you are. it's worth $3,000. here we go. .it's worth $3,000. [ bell chimes ]
3:29 am
[ laughing ] roxana. "designing women"! yeah, that's it. [ laughs ] where are we? oh, "person" is the category for this next round. and now i'm gonna give the wheel a final spin. [ bell dings ] ask you to give me a letter. if it's in the puzzle, you have three seconds to solve it. vowels worth nothing, consonants -- we'll add $1,000. they will be worth... pretty good -- $1,900 apiece. the category is "person." roxana, we start with you. let's have a letter. t. one t. you're not golve this now. why are we wasting time? well, i guess we have to. [ buzzer ] rick? n. four n's. $7,600. "person." [ buzzer ] genea. d. one d.
3:30 am
[ buzzer ] roxana. s. one s. [ buzzer ] rick. r. yeah, two r's. let them come up. vanna will move out, and you'll have three seconds to solve it. it's "person." long-distance runner. that's it. [ cheers and applause ] [ chuckles ] look what you did. oh, baby! look what you did. all right. even though he called me "baby" again, it's okay. $16,950 -- our big winner! [ cheers and applause ] congratulations. that's all cash, man. oh, yeah. all right. t leave. all right. i know how sad you must be about not winning. so, this will be like a honeymoon? this will be our honeymoon, yes. oh, i'm so glad. delayed honeymoon, five years later. a great trip, including some cash. you end up with $12,530.
3:31 am
thanks, roxana. it was nice having you here. such aure. well, you were one grilled pineapple away from doing well. i'm sorry, but we have $1,000 for you. we wish you a lot of luck, and thank you being here, genea. we appreciate it. [ applause ] so... i coached a few of those. yeah, i'll bet. well, we'll see what happens now in the bonus. we're gonna try to add to almost 17 grand this guy has, and he just might do it. we'll be back. good job. stay tuned. rick could drive home in a new ford edge. the bonus round is next. that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement plans, they help save you up to thousands
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and who's out in the audience with you? that's my dad, chief smith, my supportive stepmother, karen, my lovely girlfriend, lauren, and my little mvp cousin jenny. [ chuckling ] okay, good. and here's my player rick, who has $16,950 and will now spin the wheel. here we go, baby. [ applause ]
3:34 am
there you go. would you grab that letter out of there, just so we know everything's on the up and up. follow me, rick. you'll go right there. i'll be close by, and here we go. tegory tonight. r, s, t, l, n, e. vanna will put some letters up there. now the rest is up to you. we need three more consonants, one more vowel. a c. that's one. m. two. d. and a vowel. i. well, let's see. i know you're gonna get the c, and i think that is it. ategory. you have 10 seconds to try to work this out. good luck. hi, mom.
3:35 am
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when you get it, you have to be educated at the school you've applied, to and when you transfer, the next school is supposed to make sure that you're there and learning. so while the facts are coming out still on mr. nafis, what happened should serve as an alarm bell. >> you need a certain strengthening of the vetting process for people claiming student visas.
3:38 am
all right. friday forecast. or actually did you want to mention something about that? >> i was just going to say the sham universities are actually shamming america. they're putting our safety at risk and they're making loads of money off the student visas. >> this is dangerous stuff. they'd better really right the ship fast with this. >> they have to. >> yeah, they do. let's talk about the forecast. stormy day on the east coast. heavy rain from maryland, maine. storms, carolinas, to northern florida. cool, showers, not as windy from michigan to minnesota. down to illinois, rain in the pacific northwest. >> 06 60s and the 70s in the rockies. 50s in the central plains, midwest. 80s from new orleans to miami. all right. most 11-year-olds having a weird time, a tough age. too old for kid stuff. too young for things they want to do. they're not quite old enough to do it. >> it is awkward. then you have this young girl, autumn deforest, an 11-year-old artist who's quite sure of herself.
3:39 am
she says she started painting in her, quote, late 5s, saying she knew it was a great passion. when she talks about her work, she is an old soul in a preteen body. >> you can hear that the babbling brook and you can smell the desert flowers, and this painting is an adventure in itself. and the mountains represent man versus nature, and the river, the brook, represents man versus self. >> how great is she? >> i felt like i was in philosophy class. she has been dubbed a prodigy and genius. she says those descriptions don't mean much to her. instead she says she's focused on painting, which she does every day. >> and her work has been featured in exhibitions all over the u.s. some of her paintings have sold for as much as $25,000. >> love she started painting in her late 5s. >> late 5s. yes, she has her period like picasso -- her 6 period. 7 period. >> amazing. >> amazing stuff. coming up, it's the end of an era. >> "newsweek's" familiar red cover will no longer appear on
3:40 am
newsstands. after 80 years in print, this iconic magazine is going digital. it's all next on "world news now." ♪ i'll tell you quite reliably off the record about some charming people i have known ♪ ♪ for i meet politicians and grafters by the score killers plain and fancy it's really quite a bore ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by colonial penn insurance. ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by colonial penn insurance. "world news now" weather brought to you by colonial penn insurance. i took the dare... will you?
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♪ o a newspaper man meets such interesting people he knows the lowdown now it can
3:44 am
be told ♪ i want to hear more of the song. >> that's funny. >> let's hear more. a giant of the publishing world has moved into the digital age for good. editors of "newsweek" announcing the magazine will issue its last print version on december 31st. >> kind of sad. it will live on in digital form. as abc's john donvan reports, "newsweek" will never again hold the place in american life that it once did. >> reporter: it was there always, just plain there, and sort of everywhere, but now the space in real space that "newsweek" occupied nearly 80 years will be after the december issue, empty space forever, just air there. and what will be lost when that happens? well, you pack together everything that happened in the last 80 years and what will be lost is what "newsweek" managed to do with it. make an extremely hard choice about what mattered most each week to put it on its cover. and those covers over the decades have told us who's a player, what's changing, what's being celebrated, whom do we mourn, where are we going?
3:45 am
only one winner every week because there could only be one cover every week. hence, the magazine of news significance. not that "newsweek" the organization is dead now. it will live on digitally as ""newsweek"" global, readable worldwide on all platforms except for the ones that kill trees. with ad revenues down and a generation that prefers screens to paper it makes sense. ♪ may the coming days ♪ going to take me away >> reporter: from hearing paul simon singing "me and julio down in the schoolyard." >> reporter: with that line about being on the cover of "newsweek," that point was that was the place to be. only 52 times a year it really meant something. john donvan, abc news, washington. >> like they said, they're not going anywhere, but it's kind of sachltd it's an iconic magazine.
3:46 am
>> they really are. i collect actually magazines. i have several iconic "newsweek's" over the years, over the years. >> good for you, paula. >> founded in 1933, as "newsweek." sold for 10 cents. it is, quote, indispensable complement to newspaper reading because it explains, expands, and clarifies. >> and it doesn't get your fingers dirty. >> wow. there you go. $40 million in annual losses which is why, i guess they're going online. when we come back, hey, wow, look at that. >> that would have been enough -- >> like my workout regime. >> compensate for all the money lost. i like that. >> pretty good, huh? is that really you? >> absolutely. tattoo and everything. >> wow. what is that tattoo of? >> i'll figure it out. i'll give you the answer later. it's not really me. >> i want to see it live next. >> we'll be back. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny ♪ so skinny only, okay. we're going to try to sort through this whole britney spears thing. remember the epic collapse in 2007? >> shaved her head. >> shaved her head. >> strapped on the stretcher, emergency room all that. her former manager, sam lufti is on the stand because of the defamation case. her parents blamed him for a lot of her pit falls and didn't pay her. and he is on the stand accusing britney of taking a huge amount of amphetamines, the night she was strapped to the stretcher and shaved her head because of alleged drugs, potentially. that's why she shaved her head. and he said she took six to
3:49 am
eight pills early in the day, several more later. she went completely off the rails. he says she blew through her prescription amphetamines before locking herself in the bathroom with her youngest son. of course, we know what happened next. placed on a 51/50 hold. seems to be doing much better these days. >> yeah, absolutely. again, this defamation case from sam lufti, her former manager, is now kind of bringing to light exactly what happened during that epic, epic meltdown. >> i'm sure she'd rather have that go away, huh? should we stick with britney? she bought a new home, $8.5 million mansion in california. pretty nice digs. she moved to, away from calabasas. now she moved into an 8,456- square-foot home in the swanky private community in thousand oaks, california. so you know, there are five bed rooms, seven baths, wine cellar, home theater, massive infinity pool. we're told britney made the move because she is starting her new life with her fiance and wants to be in a new home in a secure location.
3:50 am
that looks pretty nice. >> secure and serene location. >> looked really serene, huh? >> yes. if you remember when fergie, pop singer and josh dumal, actor, got married, i think, back in 2009. nine months after they got married there were accusations he cheated on her with a stripper. she has said nothing about it until now. guess who got her to open up? >> i give up. >> oprah. >> oprah. >> take a listen. >> when you go through difficult times, it really makes you stronger as a unit, as a partnership. it does for us anyway. our love today is a deeper love. >> that's what i meant, challenge. >> yeah, definitely. we're stronger today because of anything difficult that's happened with us. >> now, of course, her husband publicly denied cheating on his wife at the time. i still didn't get from that whether or not they were
3:51 am
admitting that it happened or if they just said we went through this -- these allegations together. she says our love today is a deeper love, we're stronger because of anything difficult that has happened to us. we deal with it. we communicate. and communicating is the most important thing. "oprah's next chapter" is going to air on sunday, october 21st, 9:00 eastern on own if you are interested in more interview. >> kardashians -- kris jenner pushing hard for kim and kourtney to get their own hosting gigs. kris was delighted when khloe landed the job on "the x factor." now the matriarch is pushing for the other daughters to become hosts too, according to radar online, reporting this. apparently kris put out feelers and contacted production companies, touting kim and kourtney as potential hosts and judges. she thinks kim would be ideal for maybe "america's next top model." kourtney for "project runway." >> because they're so good on
3:52 am
their feet, right? >> mm-hmm. >> i don't want to keep up with the kardashians anymore. >> i never kept up. i am not over it. follow the wings.
3:53 am
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♪ what were you saying? >> nothing. >> time now for a look back at the week that was. >> two hot story, politics, and cheetos. >> i don't think in recorded, history of presidential debates has there been such a momentum shift off the first presidential debate, and so the president has to turn the momentum back in his direction. >> you'll get your chance in a moment. i'm still speaking. the answer is i don't believe people think that is the case. it wasn't a question that was a statement. it took the president 14 days before he called the attack in
3:56 am
benghazi, an act of terror. >> get the transcript. >> he did, in fact, sir. he did call it an act of terror. >> could you say that a little louder, candy? >> he did call it an act of terror. >> i take responsibility. i'm in charge of the state department. 60,000-plus people all over the world, 275 posts. the president and vice president certainly wouldn't be knowledgeable about specific decisions that are made by security professionals. >> i think that people will look back and say that is what an elected official is supposed to do even if it isn't convenient, even if it's difficult at times, and arlen specter always did that. i had eaten peanut butter like three days in a row, and i had gotten so sick. >> all the illnesses that have been investigated are related to the peanut products from the one plant. when you stand up there on
3:57 am
top of the world, you become so it's not about brereor3 it's not about getting scientific data. it's all about coming home alive. ♪ snack snack snack ♪ snack snack snack ♪ munch flamin' hot cheetos are probably the biggest problem that we have. >> our first male model winner, rob wilson. >> we all actually share a so i have to remember just like, okay, put the seat down. i'm the only one here. that's probably the hardest challenge is to remember to put the seat down. >> uh-huh. >> i want a job where the staringim. >> she said i was cy if o i like my men a little old, though, like my husband. >> like your husband. good answer. >> that didn't make any sense. okay. so what do we have going on weekend?pcs6
3:58 am
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